TOEICを受けようと問題集を買いましたが5カ国ある英語の発音に悩まされています I bought a book of questions to take the TOEIC, but I'm struggling with the pronunciation of English in 5 different countries.

The English translation(By is at bottom of the page.


それでも彼は家で誰かと電話で英語を喋ってたり、スタートレックのドラマを英語で延々と見てはるので普通の人よりかは僕が英語にさらされてる時間が長いとは思いますが、それでもまあ僕の英語のレベルは多分現地の小学生以下なので、いい加減本腰を入れて覚えようと TOEIC を受けることにしました。














I've been living with an English-speaking American for about 10 years now, but he speaks Japanese and the official language at home is mostly Japanese, so I'm still not able to speak English at all.

I guess I've been exposed to English longer than most people do because he talks on the phone with someone at home and watches Star Trek dramas in English all the time, but my level of English is probably below that of an elementary school student, so I decided to take the TOEIC to learn it.


So I went to a bookstore and bought a booklet and played the mp3 that came with it and I found out that TOEIC makes you speak in 5 different countries' English before you know it.

I can understand American English and Canadian English pretty well if there are no difficult words, but British English is a bit difficult and I can't understand Australian and New Zealand English at all.

I couldn't understand what they said so I asked Chris (my roommate) about it.

He said, "Well, I can understand it, but it's definitely difficult, for example, if I let my dad listen to it, I don't think he'd understand it without the subtitles. So, it's not like my listening skills are abnormally low. (Excuse me.)

I'm planning to take the exam on January 10th next year, so I'll train my ears and study hard in the house by then, so I won't speak anything but English.


I miss the situation where there are mechanical pencils and question books on my desk, and I get sentimental every time I see them.