グラスサウンドスピーカーLSPX-S2を2台持ちしてステレオ再生してみたレビュー A review of the GlassSound LSPX-S2 speakers in stereo playback with two of them

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sonyから発売されている雰囲気抜群のランタン型スピーカー LSPX-S2は見た目だけでなく、単体でもそんな音どっから鳴ってるねんと、サイズからは想像のできない良い音がしますが、2台持ちをするとステレオにできてすごくいい音が聞けると噂だったので、我慢できず2台目を買ってしまいました。









ソニーの技術者さんが万が一僕のページを見ていたらお願いしたいのですが、ソニーのスピーカー全般を制御するスマホアプリの「Musice Center」がいまいち繋がってるのが繋がってないのか成功しているのかもう一度ペアリングが必要なのかよくわからない不安定な所を改善してほしいのと、音量を上げると無音時でもガラス部分のツイーターからサーというノイズが流れているので、それをなくして欲しいです。個体差なのかなと思いましたが、2台とも流れます。雰囲気が良いのでベッドサイドのAmazon Echo専用のスピーカーにしようとしましたが、ノイズがうるさくて断念しました。もちろん普通の距離で離れていれば気にならないのですが。






まあ実際の音などその辺は動画に撮ってみたので、そのうち YouTube のチャンネルでアップしたいと思います~



The LSPX-S2 is not only a great looking speaker, but also a great sounding speaker that you can't imagine from its size. I bought it.

It's been a few months since I bought it, and as they say, it sounds very pleasing.

This speaker has a tweeter (a high-pitched unit) all over the top of the glass, and it sounds beautiful, but the effect is not just the highs, everything from the bass to the treble has a lot of frequencies in it besides the overtones, which is a nice fundamental sound, so the highs get a nice clean sound. This means that the "contours" of all the sounds are clearer.

Also, the direction of the sound is upward, so you don't have to be listening in front of the speakers to get a good sound.

This synergistic effect gives you a sense of separation and clarity, as if you were really listening to the music in front of you, which is very impressive.

I don't think there are many active speakers that can produce this level of sound, but when you consider that they cost 40,000 for one unit and 90,000 or less for two units, there are many good speakers out there that can produce that level of sound, so it's not surprising that they sound great.


I'd like to ask if the Sony technician, in case he or she is on my page, to improve the instability of Sony's Musice Center, the smartphone app that controls Sony's speakers in general, where I'm not sure if the connection is not connected or successful or if it needs to be paired again. I'd like to see it done, and when I turn the volume up, even when it's silent, there's a noise flowing from the tweeter in the glass area that I'd like to get rid of. I wondered if it was an individual difference, but both units play. I tried to make it a dedicated bedside Amazon Echo speaker because of the ambience, but the noise was so loud that I gave up on it. Of course, it doesn't bother me as long as I'm a normal distance away.

I would be super grateful if it can be used for charging just by putting it on the floor, such as Qi, as I have two units.

Furthermore, could you release a bag with a special cushion for carrying it around or something official?

They promote it like it's for outdoor use, but it's too scary to carry.

I'm sorry if there is already one.


Well, I took a video of the actual sound and other details, so I hope to upload it to our YouTube channel soon!



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