DALIのmenuetとspektor1、YAMAHAのRX-V6Aでホームシアターを組みました(友達が) My friend built a home theater with DALI menuet and spektor1 and YAMAHA RX-V6A!

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A friend came to visit our house and I was bragging about my recently purchased LG OLED TV and surround system and I think I flipped a switch on my friend, and he later told me to get to Yodobashi Camera because he wanted to install a surround system.


So I went to pick out a surround sound system.


First of all, I found FOCAL (762?) speakers at a special display price, so I took a listen to them.

'The highs are beautiful, but they sound lighter for it, a little lower in the centre of gravity would be better.'

I was surprised to see that there were no YAMAHA or DALI speakers in this corner.

I headed to the YAMAHA section to see if I could find YAMAHA or DALI speakers, but to my surprise, all the YAMAHA speakers were waiting to be installed.

I didn't have much time to spare because I wanted to make it to the concert in mid-November when one of the artists was going to perform. I don't know if it's the Corona effect or the new product change or all of the above, but we didn't have much time to waste, so I headed to DALI and the specialist staff was there at the right time to give me some advice.


If I watch a lot of movies, should I get a tallboy with more bass?

Do you want to use a bookshelf model to gain sound quality and leave the bass to the woofer?

What about enabled speakers?

Which one do you want in the rear?


Ask as many questions as you can, such as

I went with the RX-V6A AV amp. (We also considered the marantz NR1711, but we were waiting for that and almost all other AV amplifiers to arrive.

The front end is a DALI menuet. The front is DALI menuet.

The rear is DALI Spektor1. The rear speakers are DALI Spektor1.

I did not buy the center speaker because it is a difficult choice if you want to get a rank that does not interfere with the menuet.

I did not buy a woofer because it is an apartment building, so I did not want to make it sound that much.


I assembled it with a total of four channels configuration, but, as expected, it sounds good.

When I watch the concert blu-ray, it is a sense of presence and presence that is incomparable.


I think that it is the best choice if you are the type that often watches music contents on a budget of about 200,000 yen.

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