一般人がYouTubeでバズる方法 How to get the average person buzzed on YouTube

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TwitterFacebook などの SNS で誰かが動画を紹介してくださると、当然、じわじわ視聴回数が増えていきます。




















How can you make and upload videos that you like without doing anything extreme or spending money on grandiose marketing, and how can you make sure they are widely seen?

We'll show you some of our channel data with it.



Please take a look at this image first!





This is a screenshot of the number of views on youtube, with the number of days on the horizontal axis and the number of views on the vertical axis.

The above video has suddenly tripled in views after 540 days since it was uploaded.

The video below has suddenly increased to 500,000 views in less than 200 days.

Since both the number of views and comments have increased drastically even though I haven't done anything in particular, I read from the analysis screen where the traffic is flowing in from, and I found that both of them were "because someone introduced it on sns".

When someone introduces a video to you on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the number of views will gradually increase.

Then, the algorithm of Youtube will decide that "this looks like a good video" and it will appear in the "Recommended Videos" section of the top page of Youtube.

If this happens, someone will introduce it on sns, watch it, introduce it... Without knowing it, a good cycle will occur, and without knowing it, the videos will grow.

But there are videos that do not grow even if someone introduces them on sns. Why? That's because youtube's algorithm looks at "hours watched per person" to make a decision.

The AI uses one metric, "how long viewers continue to watch" - the "abandonment rate" - as one indicator of how good or bad a video is, and uses that as the basis for whether or not to promote it.

If this is a video that is cut off within 5 seconds of starting, no matter how much traffic comes in from sns, the AI will judge it as a video with a low abandonment rate, and it will be difficult to recommend it or promote it in related videos.

Also, channels that don't update their videos at all don't seem to get much promotion.


That's why I'll sum it up.


Take quality video and wait.


That's what it means. I'm sure you're a little disappointed.

But think about it, you don't have to be a hot-blooded youtuber who destroys things, annoys people, or says extreme things to get hundreds of thousands of views, as long as you are constantly updating your videos with interesting stuff.

We try to eat hot spicy food and bugs from time to time, but that in itself doesn't get us that many views.

There's still too much competition, and we're not comedians, and we don't get such interesting results.

Rather, my partner is American, so cooking my favorite American food and introducing my favorite speaker, well, it's not instantaneous, but it's slowly getting people to watch it all the time.



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