仕事を辞めたらマツコ・デラックスに勝った話 - The story of how I won against Matsuko Deluxe when I quit my job
























Well, to be exact, I didn't quit my job, but as a result of doing only the work I really wanted to do, my food expenses went down, I lost weight, and I beat out Matsuko Deluxe.



Before that, when I would go to the grocery store with a tired body, I would mindlessly toss things into the basket without thinking, and the check would often stop for a moment when I was told "It's 5,000 yen".

Now, there is nothing in particular that I can't stop eating, so I thought about the nutritional balance of the food, and when I paid with "cheap fish, cheap mushrooms, and cheap onions," I was told "it's only 220 yen," and time stopped for a moment.

I wondered why I had to eat so much, or why I had accumulated a lot of "yakiniku no kuchi" in the evening, and then, poof, it was gone.

This is my own analysis.

1. No more commuting and not so hungry because I have a job that does not involve a lot of physical activity

2. Can't have the luxury of a pay-for-performance income

and pending on the two major elements that are common

3. Stop watching TV

is very large.


Shortly before I quit my job, I stopped watching TV, and when I was doing what I wanted to do, I didn't have time to watch it, and before I knew it, the whole day was over.

Now I don't have to watch "fashionable cookware commercials," "a noon wide shot of an unknown alleyway restaurant," or "Matsuko drinking beer while slurping like a super-delicious person," or any other information that is too bad to be turned on by my brain.

Of course, when I'm working on a computer and open a browser, I see all kinds of advertisements, but it's only a single image or a 10-second video, so I don't get that much emotional impact from them.

But that's not to say that there's no temptation, my biggest problem right now is that I blow myself up when I'm editing a video I've made, like editing a barbecue or buffalo chicken, which made me laugh because my stomach rumbled so much!



I've been asked if I can't get stressed out with such an ascetic lifestyle, but I don't get stressed out doing what I want to do, and even then, if I have to, I release it in moderation, so it's okay.

Even now, I can't help but think of the scene where I'm drinking a lot of beer from a Matsuko, and my brain's switch, especially the dopamine switch, is on full blast...



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