Amazonブラックフライデーの戦利品その2「GOKUMINのベッドトッパー・マットレス」 Amazon Black Friday Loot #2: The GOKUMIN Bed Topper Mattress






それでも何か近づけようと思いそのベッドをよく見てみると、マットレスの上にトッパーを敷いていたので、この形態だけでもいつか真似したいなあと思っていましたが 、今回のAmazonブラックフライデーでGOKUMINの高反発マットレス・ベッドトッパーが安く売られていたので即購入し、本日届きました。









I went to a friend's house and stayed the night and he let me sleep in his bed, and the bed was so comfortable, it took all the fatigue out of me, and even though I was supposed to have drunk quite a bit, the mattress absorbed the alcohol, and I didn't have a hangover at all. And if you ask

Well, I've spent over a 10,000 dollars.

I was told an amount of money that was a bit too much to imitate.


Still, when I looked at the bed, I saw that it had a topper on top of the mattress, and I wanted to imitate this form alone someday, but this time on Amazon's Black Friday, I found GOKUMIN's high-resilience mattress bed topper on sale at a discount, so I bought it right away and it arrived today.


I set it up immediately and slept on it, and it's really comfortable.

When I put the topper down, the top few centimeters of the mattress, which has a certain amount of firmness, becomes soft and creates a gentle sinking feeling as if you are being sucked into the mattress.

I was a little apprehensive until I received it, but the moment I laid down I was glad I won in one fell swoop.

I've already bought a bunch of pillows, but none of them fit at all and my shoulders are always stiff, so I've been sleeping with my own arm pillow or without it lately, but I'm hoping that the combination of the topper and the pillow will work, or that I'll be comfortable without the pillow.


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