案の定先にPS5に当選したので、xboxはさらに遠のきそうです Sure enough, PS5 won, so xbox is going to be even further away!

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Xbox series X/Sは人気がなさすぎて発売日以降はどこも抽選販売をせず、ゲリラ的に入荷した店にたまたま居たら買えるという無理ゲーを強いられている。そもそもXboxコーナーが無い所も多い」

「対してPlaystation 5はもっと倍率が高いが月に2、3回はどこかで抽選販売をしているので、まだチャンスはありそうだ」






理由は、PS5でもそのうちXbox series x/sと同等の経験ができるだろうという予測からです。



Netflix、hulu、amazon primeの映像系から服や床屋、昼飯まで何もかもサブスクの流れになっている今、ゲームにもその流れが当然来ると思います。




まあ当面は、PlayStation 5で快適になったFF15をやり直し、SpiderManで次世代機の4kグラフィックを堪能したいと思います。



とかなんとか言いながらXbox series xを見かけたら買ってそうな気もしますが。





The Xbox series X/S is so unpopular that no one is selling them by lottery after the release date, forcing people to buy them if they happen to be at a store that has them in stock. Many stores don't even have an Xbox section to begin with.

On the other hand, Playstation 5 has a higher ratio, but they do have lottery sales a couple of times a month, so there's still a chance.

This is the reality of what I was saying.

I won a PS5 at a lottery sale in my neighborhood.


Maybe they have a secret plan to release a large amount of Xbox stock before Christmas, but seeing Microsoft's attitude, I'm not sure if they're going to do it or not.

However, even if Xbox stock becomes plentiful, I may not buy one for the time being.

The reason for this is that I expect the PS5 will eventually offer the same experience as the Xbox series x/s.

As for why I'm so obsessed with Xbox, Xbox has a service called "Xbox Game Pass", which is a Netflix-like service that allows you to pay 100 yen a month to play over 100 new and old games. This is a Cinderella fit for users like me who like to try different things. This is a perfect Cinderella fit for users like me, who like to try all kinds of interesting games. The fact that they offer this service is why I wanted an Xbox so badly.

However, this service is not a special feature of the Xbox console, so if Sony wanted to do it, they could offer it on Playstation as well. (A similar service has already been launched on the PS5, but with only 19 titles.)

Nowadays, everything from Netflix, hulu, and amazon prime to clothes, barber shops, and lunch are being subscribed to, and I think this trend will naturally come to games as well.

So, in terms of "now", playing on Xbox is definitely more economical, but I think that PS will also start such services next year.

The specs of the next generation consoles won't change that much, so in the end, I'd rather go with the side that offers the best deals.


For the time being, I'd like to play FF15 again on the PlayStation 5, and enjoy the 4k graphics of the next generation consoles with SpiderMan.

I'm not sure if I'll have time to play a few hours of games since I've been in a cycle of taking videos, editing them, blogging, taking videos, editing them, and blogging all day, but I'd like to play them for the sake of blogging and videos, and write about how I feel about them.


If I saw an Xbox series x, I'd probably buy it.

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