Amazon で安いネックスピーカーを買ってみましたがすこぶる快適です -外出時もそれなりに使えます。I bought an inexpensive neck speaker on Amazon and it is very comfortable - it works reasonably well when I'm out and about.

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 Alexa アプリで Kindle の読み上げ機能を使って本を耳で読むというのをしばらくやっていますが、

はり長時間耳に物を入れていると痛くなりますし、別に外の音が聞こえても本の読み上げには特に問題がないので、家にいる間はネックスピーカーを使って聞こうと思い Amazon で良さげなネックスピーカーを買い使っています。



















BOSE 完全ワイヤレスイヤホン Sport Earbuds



 I've been using the Alexa app to read books by ear using the Kindle's read-aloud feature for a while.

After all, it hurts when you put things in your ears for long periods of time, and I don't have any problems with reading out loud, so I decided to use a neck speaker while I'm at home and bought a good looking neck speaker from Amazon.


It works just as I imagined and I don't have any problems with it, but today I used it when I was out and about.



I was worried about whether or not people would see me when I passed people, but it didn't happen at all.

Of course you can use it in trains as long as there are no people at all, and I tried using it in a shopping mall, but in a reasonably noisy store, I didn't get any strange looks from people who passed me.

Well, maybe they heard me and pretended not to know...

But there was no response to the beat.




I think the sound leaking from the earbuds is a shaky sound, and it may be a bit grating when you listen to it, but the sound from the neck speakers has a good amount of bass and high frequencies, so it may sound more like someone talking or environmental noise than a grating sound.

Of course, I kept the volume as low as possible so that only I could hear.


Recent earphones have an external sound intake function, so you can talk without putting them in your ears, but the person you are talking to may think it's a bad idea.

In this respect, the neck speaker is worn on the shoulder and I don't think it causes any visual problems.


If you're going to read out a text or use it in a rough way, this is the best product I've ever seen.

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